We present the TOP 10 most costly cat breeds in the entire world

  • Russian blue cat:

The Russian blue cat is only available in Russia. This cat is trendy because of its soft hair and excellent nature. This cat can be a friend to its owner. People often buy this pet to experience the real thing. You will love your new friend, and you can be sure she won’t betray you. Russian blue cats are one of the most costly cat breeds. They are well worth the price, ranging from $400 to $2000.

  • Serengeti:

The Serengeti cat breed is rare and distinguished for its long legs, large ears, and spotted coat. After crossing two Bengal and Oriental cats, the Serengeti was born in the late 20th-century. The breed is affectionate, playful, and charismatic. They are easy to care for. They cost between 600 and 2000 dollars.

  • Toyger:

While all cat breeds worldwide are fascinating, few can match their unique appearance as the Toygers. Their exterior appearance is very tiger-like. This cat has a predatory and striking appearance. Although the cat’s body proportions do not appear to be distorted or infringe on aesthetic standards, the cat’s tail is bent inwards. This is a classic characteristic of felines. This breed is easy to train due to its intelligence. The animal behaves like royalty at home. Toyger takes good care of everything. He cleans up after himself and surrounds himself with objects.

  • American Curl

American Curls are a popular breed that has been around over 100 years. This adorable cat has curled ears and a playful smile. This breed’s kittens are born with normal ears but develop a unique shape over time. Their average weight is 6-8kg, with a short or long coat. Their kittens’ prices can range from $ 1,000 up to $ 3000.

  • Elf

Elf is an unusual and beautiful breed of cat introduced to the world in 2006. Despite its young age, this breed is highly valued by cat lovers around the globe. Their unique appearance may be due to how their ears are bent forward. It looks more like a fairy-tale animal. This cat breed can be as high as $3000!

  • Bengal cat :

Because of its unique appearance, the breed is extremely popular. It is important to make reservations early to obtain a Bengal cat. The waiting lists can sometimes be quite long. Prospective buyers must also undergo several tests and examinations to ensure they can keep such a costly pet.

They are not only the most expensive cats because of their appearance but also because of their behavior.

  • Safari:

The Safari is a crossbreeding of a wild Jorfua cat and a domestic cat. The Jorfua, pronounced “Jurfoo-ah,” comes from South America’s Amazon forest. After being domesticated by hunter/gatherers, it has since adapted to wildlife after being domesticated by hunter/gatherers. The Safari cat is more expensive than your average domestic cat. Prices range between $4,000 and $8,000.

  • Khao-mani diamond eye:

The khaomani diamond eye. This rare breed is only found in a handful of countries. The cost of this breed ranges between $ 7000 and $ 10,000. Cats live for approximately 15 years. This is the perfect place to find a friend who will be loyal and luxurious to you.

The Khao-mani Diamond eye cat breed was developed in Thailand in the 19th century. The Khao-mani Diamond eye is a white cat with huge, diamond-shaped eyes. It can be purchased for thousands of dollars.

  • Chausie :

This breed has a short, elegant coat and large ears. The unusual grace is a distinctive characteristic. They are calm and gentle and love to communicate with their owners and other cats. Their cost is between 8 and 10 thousand dollars.

  • Savannahs :

They are very social and charming cats. They are also very friendly and enjoy living in their home. Savannah’s appearance is similar to a leopard. Her spotted skin and body resemble that of a leopard. This is how it earned its name. These cats love to be jolly and pay attention to their owners and other pets. They also need to be able to get outside and have their exercise regularly scheduled. The cost of this breed of cat is high, at twenty-two thousand of dollars.

Savannah cats are medium-sized spotted cat breeds with elegant and muscular builds. This is the largest domesticated cat breed. They come in various colors, from grey to brown to beige to Brune. Savanna is derived from “Sabana,” a Portuguese word that means “plain.” .