How To Know If Someone Blocks Your Number

There are a few tips to help to figure it out.

It is much easier than ever to connect with other people in our modern, technologically-driven world. However, it also makes it simple to prevent someone from talking to you at the press of one or two buttons. If you have sent a message to someone but received nothing, you could be wondering if this occurred to you. Are you able to determine whether someone has blocked your notifications? Check out the methods to determine whether someone has blocked you from Facebook.

Are you able to be specific ?

It’s important to note that it’s impossible to find an absolute method to determine if you’ve been blocked. For instance, you’re unlikely to be notified or notice an indication in the contact details of that person. This would violate your privacy as a user. However, little clues such as the absence or absence of a “Delivered” text message (on iPhones) and what you hear when contacting the person could assist you in determining whether they’ve blocked your number and find out if the person who blocked your number is much easier if you are using an iPhone or if the person you’re texting has the same feature.

What can you tell if someone blocked your phone number iPhone?

There are several ways to determine whether someone has blocked your number. Justin Lavelle, Chief Communications Officer of Been Verified, discusses how you can tell if someone blocked your number if you own an iPhone.

Look at your messaging app. It will most probably be an iMessage. “Most likely, the moment you send a text message, you’ll receive a “delivered confirmation that the message was received,” he told Reader’s Digest. If you review your messages to those, you believe they blocked you, check for confirmation. “The most recent message you’re aware was read and replied to…should be marked with a “delivered” condition,” Lavelle explains. If in the messages you’ve left in the following days you don’t see the “delivered” notification, it could mean that someone blocked you.

Another method to find out whether someone has blocked your phone is to give them the number to a phone call. “If you dial a certain number and it goes to voicemail, or if you get a message that isn’t yours like ‘temporarily out service’ or “the person isn’t taking calls or messages, it could be that your number is blocked,” Lavelle says. Perhaps you’ve done something that is among the things you shouldn’t text messages.

What can you tell if someone has blocked your phone number on Android?

It’s even more challenging to understand If the messaging person has an Android phone. Android phones do not have the “delivered” message when texting or texting, and even an iPhone user will not see the “delivered” notification when texting someone who is an Android user. How can you tell who blocked your phone number in text messages using the help of an Android phone?

According to Lavelle, if you find that an Android person has blocked your account, “your text messages will continue to be sent as usual, but they won’t be delivered directly to Android users.” However, it is the same as with an iPhone, not with the “delivered” notice (or absence of it) to let you know. “The easiest way to determine that you’ve received a blocked message from the Android person is to contact,” Lavelle says. Like an iPhone and a phone, you should listen for the call to be diverted to voicemail or play a recorded message. This does not necessarily mean that someone blocked your number. Your call could be routed to voicemail due to different reasons. However, if it’s frequently happening and you’re receiving silence on both text messages and calls, and you’re not sure, it could be blocked. If you’re concerned about being unblocked or not, you must stay clear of these annoying texting habits that we all have.