8 Signs that are subtle of fake Love

In what appears to be a severe and committed relationship, I finally declare, “I love you.” Still, only to see the response of the other person range from “thank for the compliment” to total silence, your life will seem to be falling apart. Now you begin to question whether the other person is honest and sincere with you as you believed they were. However, their inability to talk to you about their thoughts will make you think about the things you’ve heard.

We want to inform you of 8 red flags that could indicate that your partner may fake their feelings for you.

They show their affection for each other more often on social media and with their friends than in private.

You share picture after picture on Instagram; showing off what a wonderful couple you have is a clear indicator of insecurity. Also, if your partner is just friendly and attentive while with your friends, this should indicate. The Love for you doesn’t end even when you’re at home. Therefore, if the love gestures end and the silence is snatched away behind closed doors, your spouse may present an “affection display” for the world to see.

Your spouse likely measures their happiness in terms of the level of satisfaction in your relationship. Suppose you get online comments about how great a couple you have, which can translate into their happiness. They also think of your relationship as successful the duration of time your online profile is viewed positively.

Your conversations are less dry than the Sahara Desert.

A robust and long-lasting relationship requires both parties to be open to discussing their lives and the world surrounding them. But, your partner won’t initiate a conversation when they don’t need to hear from you. If you try to engage in a discussion, they seem entirely bored with what you’re saying. There is no movement in topics, and those topics you mention are dull.

They attempt to change you and your behavior.

You might have some traits you do not like about one another. When you are in false relationships, the other person will be looking to alter what they dislike regarding you. They want that you sacrifice yourself to please them and meet their demands. They place themselves over you and your relationship. If you don’t comply with their requirements, you’ll find yourself in serious trouble.

They won’t collaborate with you to discover solutions to your issues.

Conflict, as well as disagreements, cannot be uncommon in relationships. Therefore, cooperation between both partners is needed to settle the issues. You and your partner must acknowledge your obligations and find a place between you. Your partner, however, doesn’t want to do anything, and instead, they leave in the hope of waiting for the storm to ease. They don’t seem to care about hearing about your troubles.

And not only that, it appears that they don’t care about how you feel and the way they could have caused harm to you. A loving partner cares about their actions and how they impact your life negatively. It isn’t a good idea to poke around and find a response that won’t resolve the issue.:

They don’t consider you their top priority.

Your spouse is likely a frequent canceler of the plans you have made frequently with excuses of cheap nature. They may also express their regrets and say that they’re “not within their control” to manage the situation. Even though canceling plans at the moment is expected, if this pattern of behavior persists for far too long, perhaps you’re not a high enough priority for them.

It’s not about performing extravagant things or taking group excursions with your buddies; instead, it’s about establishing solid roots. Suppose they ask you to go for a long walk or visit the beach together to spend quality together. They could even change their schedule to meet you if they have to do so.

They speak about their ex far too often.

It is possible that your partner isn’t mad at their ex, and you’re simply being a victim. It would help if you were suspicious when they speak a lot about their ex or, more importantly, compare you to their ex. It’s a sure indicator that their heart and head are in the past, and your relationship may be serving as an escape. It could be that they are looking to increase their ego following a previous relationship was a failure.

Another indication that their mind and heart are in another place is when they don’t make eyes toward you. When you’re hugging someone because of them or physically close doesn’t necessarily mean your mind is in the present. Not looking at them in the eye could cause you to think twice about your relationship or cause you to wonder if you’ve committed a mistake.

They won’t discuss plans together with you.

In a long-lasting and intimate relationship, the subject of your future of you should come up sooner or later. It’s not just about having kids or getting married, but also about basic things like the possibility of going on future trips or meeting one of the other’s families. If your partner appears disinterested in engaging in such conversations about your plans, they likely have issues with commitment. Perhaps they haven’t considered the possibility, which could be negative.

They love to show off.

Today social media posts are not the only method your spouse can showcase their talents. They also love wearing expensive attire or going to extravagant, luxury bars and restaurants. They could even start an argument with you if you’re willing to spend lots of dollars on food. So, their supposed feelings might begin to fade when you fail to satisfy their extravagant desires.

Do you see any of the above behavior patterns within your relationships? What can you do to tackle the issue and perhaps develop a solution?