8 Habits That Could Put Your Cat At Risk

Cats are incredibly clever and fascinated creatures. They’re known for their typical behavior, such as getting water through the tap or using plastic bags, which at first believe aren’t causing any harm. However, you’ll be shocked at how these activities could be risky for the children involved.

We have collected 8 things you shouldn’t let your cat do for their own sake!

Tap water for drinking

Although hydration is as vital to cats as humans drinking water, letting your pet drink from the tap may not be the best option. Specific municipal water sources have chemicals such as fluoride, bacteria, and pesticide residues. These compounds are likely to be harmful to the health of your pet. Therefore, if your cat is drinking water from the faucet, you should consider purchasing a fountain for drinking or a water purifier.

Eating human food

Many cats ask for food from humans, particularly when watching you eat. According to vets, it cannot be advised. This is because many of the food items that we consume, even though harmless for us, can cause your cat miserable. Chocolate, onions, dairy, grapes, and chocolate are just a few examples. It’s good to watch the food your pet is eating.

Chewing on plants

While cats are generally thought to be primarily carnivores, they can also take a bite of plants. But, a large portion of common houseplants, including the tulips and lilies, have been proven to be poisonous to cats.

If you have an animal and plan to get plants, you should ensure they’re suitable for cats. However, if there are plants in your home and you are planning on adopting cats is best to keep them from your plants.

Making a mess with household objects

You may be shocked to find out that some of the items you use every day around your home could pose a risk for your cat. String, earplugs, thread, rubber bands, thread hair ties, and rubber bands are just a few instances. These items are all easy to swallow and may result in digestive obstructions. It’s recommended to keep these items away from your pet’s range.

Making fun of window blinds and cords

The drapery’s hanging ends or window cords can invite cats to have fun. But even a simple crawl between the curtains can cause your cat to get caught up in them and then be scared. The best way to prevent this is to wrap the cords high up and away from the reach of your cat to ensure that they are not visible or touching them.

Consuming catnip

Cats are incredibly fond of their catnip as it can make them happy and playful. Although this plant is believed to be safe, too much exposure to catnip may cause your cat to be nauseous or cranky. Therefore you should consider keeping this food item for special occasions only.

Making a mess with plastic bags

Particular cats cannot enjoy playing with plastic bags. It doesn’t matter what sound they make or the scent of the food inside the bag; cats enjoy playing with the bags. There are several reasons that this could be problematic, for instance, swallowing a foreign object that could block your pet’s airway or getting caught within bags’ handles. It is recommended that plastic bags be kept far from pets and stored in pet-free areas.

Drinking milk

You’ve probably heard that milk and cats are inextricably linked, but many cats are lactose-intolerant, according to research. The only moment during a cat’s lifetime when its body can correctly absorb lactose during the time of birth and in the early stages of existence. However, if you want to give the cats water is appropriate.