5 Reasons Why People Stay in Toxic Relationships

Every relationship has some degree of toxicity, following the psychotherapist Ginnie Love Thompson. Although it’s normal to experience extremes as well as lows within relationships, it’s important to recognize when it’s time to end the relationship. However, often, it’s much easier said than done.

We have decided to take an extensive study into the psychology behind the main reasons people remain in unhealthy and toxic relationships that started sometime in the past. Be sure not to overlook the stories of people who have been online about their experiences of dealing with abusive relationships inside the bonus area.

Fearing loneliness

According to a study that found anxiety about being alone could lead people to remain in abusive relationships due to the fact there is a reason there is “better” to have an imperfect partner than being single. Society can make people believe that having a single person as well as “alone” is a negative aspect; however, in reality, there’s no problem with that.

Self-esteem is low

Research also shows that those with low self-esteem are more likely to remain in relationships that are unhealthy. After suffering abuse and abusive behavior for a long time, it’s not difficult for individuals to be enticed into thinking that they are responsible for their partner’s destructive behavior. Low self-esteem can lead people to question their worthiness and what they contribute to the relationship.

Feeling personal responsibility for their partner’s actions.

Following a problematic event or disagreement, An abuser can change the subject and make their victim feel guilty or as if they’re somehow to blame, even though they don’t. This is known in the field of gaslighting.

This type of behavior typically develops slowly,, making it difficult for the person to recognize the signs. A feeling of anxiety, confusion, and inability to trust your own actions and self-confidence are all signs of gaslighting.

Being optimistic that things can alter

Many people involved in unhealthy relationships may remain with their spouse and believe things are likely to improve eventually, or the bond could be saved. They might also believe that their partner’s behavior results from stressful circumstances or that they can change the relationship by becoming more of a good partner for themselves. In reality, however, the situation usually increases over time, and individuals become ever more damaged

Be afraid of rejection

Another reason for rejection is that people stay in a relationship that is unhealthy because they’re afraid of being disqualified at some point in the near future. which is why they cling to the person they are currently with. People who are scared of being rejected are likely to be a bit hesitant to speak up. Difficulty being themselves, sharing their feelings, and standing to defend themselves.